Well, after a total of 22 flights between February and May we returned to a sunny Portland with terabytes of 8K RED Weapon Helium footage and lots of amazing Olympus EM1MKII and Phantom 4 Pro photos!  After a short time back in Portland it was time to head out as the Nauticam reps at the Digital Shootout in Bonaire and straight from there to Komodo hence the big delay for this trip report.

In total we did two trips on the Dewi Nusantara that included Raja Ampat and Triton Bay followed by two trips to Raja Ampat on the Wellenreng and a week at Triton Bay Divers followed by the girls staying on another week for the Babes in Bali workshop at Villa Markisa.

Below are some of the images from the drone and the EM1MKII as well as the video from the RED.  For more info on the RED Weapon Helium S35 8K and Nauticam Weapon LT housing as well as the Olympus EM1MKII and the NA-EM1MKII see their articles.

We’re heading back to Raja Ampat on Pindito in January so grab your spaces now!  We had a stellar time last January, read the trip report here.

RED Weapon S35 8K Cinema Camera

This beast shoots the equivalent of 60 RAW D810 images with even MORE dynamic range per second… so needless to say it generates a fair amount of data.  The “mini-mag” RED storage is 512GB, which lasts about 22 minutes.  So that makes one hour of footage take up about 1TB of drive space.  The results though speak for themselves.  Processing this required some serious upgrades to our hardware and the borrowing of a specialized $6K external GPU/accelerator made by RED to cut the rendering time down to a mere two days.

Phantom 4 Pro Photos

This was our first time out with the Phantom 4 Pro Drone.  Actually, our first time out with a drone!  My second flight was over water off the boat, the first was 15 minutes at a soccer field in Bali on the way to the airport.  It was raining in Portland the entire week before I left so nowhere to test.  It’s a great tool but unfortunately ours must have taken a hit in transit and the gimbal was crooked when shooting video despite recalibration so only still images.

Olympus OMD-EM1MKII Micro4/3 Camera Images

The NA-EM1MKII we brought was setup to use the WWL-1 and CMC-1 system.  These are a set of wet-mate conversion lenses that allow you to switch between 120º wide angle and true macro on the same dive.  The lenses are mounted to a special port using a bayonet system that securely holds the lenses in place.  A caddy on one of your strobe arms holds the lens that is not in use.