Wow, what an amazing Raja Ampat trip. For our third trip to Raja Ampat this year we chartered the Arenui, a luxury Phinisi style schooner staffed by some of our good friends. Perfect would not begin to describe the conditions we had. As we usually do we began our trip in the south in Misool.

At Antichovies, a site we had dove for the first time earlier this year we were graced by an oceanic manta that stayed around the pinnacles all day!

I’ve been kicking something new around and I decided that the Aerborek jetty would be a great chance to give my F1.4 portrait lens a try underwater.

We also used the 10-22mm some…

Rounding out the photo ops for the trip was a stop at Wofo to do some split shots with the Arenui’s kayaks. The shallow hard corals here are fantastic and the untouched island backdrop helps create a perfect tropical setting.

From there it was off to Black Rocks for some fish and fans and Otdima for sweetlips!

No Got Muck trip is complete without a wetsuit beach party!

The equivalent of a selfie with a 40 pound housing…