We rang in the New Year aboard the Pindito with roman candles, expired flares, and amazing diving.  This year (and part of last year too?) we decided to do something different.  When I was aboard the Pindito in 2015, Edi took me to several spots that I hadn’t dived before and I asked him how many more unknown spots he had up his sleeve.  His reply led to what is now called the Edi’s Raja itinerary.  This trip was the inaugural transpiration.


As we’ve spent lots of time in Raja and photographed the iconic scenes and animals fairly thoroughly in the standard fashion, I decided to place on myself the goal of shooting mostly using creative lighting techniques; which is a fancy way of saying placing your strobes in such a way as to light only a very specific portion of the subject or to do so in an unnatural way.  Now you can’t just swim around and aim your strobes all willy-nilly.  A clear vision of the final image is essential to success.  Anyway, I think they turned out ok.

Unfortunately you won’t be treated to many of Kerri’s images as the 5DMKIV system we were supposed to be using for this trip got stolen…for real.  So here are some creatively lit images from Edi’s Raja!