Five years ago our good friends and amazing underwater photographers Andrew Sallmon and Allison Vitsky Sallmon got married at the amazing Ayana Resort in Bali.  We flew down from Lembeh and were the photographers, witnesses, and wedding party all-in-one!  For their fifth wedding year anniversary we all headed to Komodo for a trip aboard the Wellenreng.

I showed up a few days late with the cameras from Bonaire as I was the Nauticam rep at the Digital Shootout.

For this trip I was lucky enough to bring the new Panasonic GH5 in the Nauticam NA-GH5 along with the NA-502 housing for the smallHD monitor.  I write an article about that, you can wither view it here on or over at

I also managed to snag Kerri the NA-5DIV for the awesome new Canon 5DMKIV SLR.  We spent most of the trip down south in Nusa Kode so most of the images/video will be from there.

Allison, a cancer survivor like me, runs a great charity called Dive Into the Pink that raises money for cancer research.  She’s currently running a photo competition though DivePhotoGuide so please head over there and enter your pink photos!!!

We’ll be back in Komodo next August aboard the newly renovated Pindito!  Contact Kerri to get your spot now.

Komodo in 4K filmed with the Panasonic GH5 in the Nauticam NA-GH5

This was filmed in C4K , also called 4K FF (4096 x 2160) as opposed to “normal” 4K or UHD which is (3840 x 2160) in 4:2:2 color at 60 fps.

And now for some photos from the 5DMKIV