Helping friends can be fun! This June we covered for our friends that cruise direct the Arenui, leading a Komodo trip for them. Although we were working we still managed to get in the water and shoot a bit.

Of particular note on this trip were the hot-vents at Sangean. An active volcano that sits a dozen miles offshore the black sand is littered with yellow patches were sulfur gas seeps out from underground vents.

On Tatawa Besar, one of the drift dives along a long reef in northern Komodo we had some strong turtles that made swimming against the stiff current look easy.

In Horseshoe Bay a giant frogfish with some amazing color inlays let us get super close with our mini-dome to shoot some nice close-focus wide angle setups with the sun in the background.

Textures and great macro critters were also on the menu of course…

The water in Horseshoe Bay, usually a shade of green was bordering on blue!

Another great trip to Komodo…