I look back at all the trips we’ve done and realize that we’ve had the stars align just right so many times. From our manta madness in Hanifaru Bay (the only good encounter for the boat that year) to the hammerheads in the Banda Sea despite El Nino and the baitfish and mobula ray aggregation in Raja.

Well, it happened again, this time in Komodo. We had some of the best manta action we’ve had in the last decade of diving this signature destination.

And to top it off we had some insane macro with hairy frogfish and nudis aplenty.

These are all Kerri’s photos, shot with the D810 in a Nauticam Housing with Inon Z240 Strobes (or natural light in the case of the most of the mantas). I decided to shoot video using the Panasonic GX8 in a Nauticam housing with the WWL-1 and CMC adapters. Unfortunately I headed to Fiji a few days after this trip so the video is still in the editing bay.