The diving at Cocos Island, Costa Rica is about as different from that in Indonesia as you can get (short of adding ice to the equation).  Yet, the bleak underwater landscape (rocks with urchins and the occasional brownish coral) is home to some of the most amazing diving we’ve ever done.  The experiences you have in Cocos cannot be described in a way that does them justice.  It’s even a challenge to capture them through photo or video…but we tried anyway.

A 36 hour crossing aboard the Sea Hunter brings you to an island that seems to have been forgotten by the rest of the world.

Diving in Cocos is surprisingly simple when done properly with great guides.  Get down, find a rock to hang onto and watch the show.

The guides move the group to find the best spot and the majority of dives end with an easy drifting safety stop that sometimes yields better action than the dive itself.

The video is still in process but it’ll be ready soon…

Want to join?  We’re heading back to Cocos in August 2020!