Nauticam USA was kind enough to provide us with a GX8 to shoot some of the b-roll for our Underwater Photography video training series with  We figured, well we have a GX8, we still have the Keldans from the GoPro shoot, let’s shoot some 4K on our next Komodo trip.

The GX8 shoots great 4K (not stabilized, unfortunately) and has a seriously amazing white balance customization interface.  When used with the 24-70mm equivalent M4/3 lens in Nauticam’s NA-GX8 housing you can shoot super macro and super wide on the same dive.  Using the same WWL-1 and CMC that we featured in our RX100MKIV review, we always had the right lens on hand.  The zoom through capabilities of the WWL-1 were impressive as well and we really only switched to the CMC for super-macro.

I decided to do something similar to the technique I used to get good color on the GoPro.  The Keldan Luna 8 lights have a very high CRI (96) and good color temperature (5600K).  I placed a magic filter on the rear element of the lens and used a custom white balance in the 2-3000K range.  This essentially ensured that the water would stay a nice blue while the high CRI of the Keldans ensured that the colors of the foreground subject would stay accurate and saturated.  With lower CRI lights, as with on the GoPro, this can result in a slightly cool color cast to the image.

The animal action, especially mantas was incredible as you can see from Kerri’s shots in our trip report so I definitely had enough subject matter.  On to the movie…

If you are in Asia, here is a link to the video on YouTube.