Kerri and Hergen were the consummate hosts for our recent dive trip to Indonesia.  They run a top notch operation from start to finish, including clear communication about trip details, local travel assistance and great service throughout the land and sea portions of the trip.  They took a lot of initiative to make our complex travel plans as simple as possible and to flow smoothly throughout our arrival and departure in Indonesia.  Can't imagine diving with anyone else!

Kate & Lé

For year's I had been booking dive trips by myself without a great deal of knowledge of the local areas. I would just google a destination, find a boat or resort that looked good and had availability, then book it. I normally ended up being the only photographer on board, and would be at the mercy of the group as to whether I would end up with good photo opportunities or not.  Now after having done a few trips with Kerri and Hergen, I would never go back to my old way of organizing a trip. With them, I'm assured that the destination will offer up several chances for incredible experiences and photos, as their knowledge of the areas leads to them scheduling trips at the right time and place. Not to mention that they always utilize the best resorts of liveaboards, and always have a good group of guests to share the experiences with. Their personalized service also makes my life exponentially easier, as they ensure both my dive gear and I (which travel separately) get to the destination safely.

Needless to say, I will be diving with them for a long time to come.


The best thing about traveling with K & H is that it's like traveling with your best friends who also happen to know all the local short cuts, places to stay and things to see and do (not to mention that Kerri needs coffee just as badly as we do!). We could not have had a better or more relaxing trip.

We had the joy of traveling and diving with Kerri and Herg in September 2011 for a 2-week trip to Bali and Komodo. Our trip was fabulous from minute we landed in Bali. They had arranged a great boutique hotel in Ubud along with a fun rafting trip.

We has the pleasure of diving on the maiden voyage of the Damai II . The boat was fantastic, the accommodations, food and dive schedule were excellent. They were great with working with the crew and skipper to adjust to our needs and desires. We had a fantastic time and will be traveling again with them this September back to Komodo!

Anita & Sean

I have been diving with GotMuck for a couple of years now and I have to say I wouldn’t dive with anyone else.  Kerri and Hergen's dive experience shines through as they always pick the best dive locations, at the right time to dive for the best memories.  My photography has come a long way with the help of both Kerri and Herg!


I was so impressed with Kerri and Hergen’s travel management that I’ve decided they can arrange all my dive travel.  It was so easy traveling with them as they did all the logistics - while we were having a drink in the lounge!  I can be confident that the boat will be comfortable and safe  - and have a good coffee machine!!  Also to know that the other divers have met Kerri and Herg’s expectations, it all adds up to an amazing dive trip.


It's hard to quantify all the elements, tangible and otherwise, that make up a good trip, in a few sentences here, but suffice it to say, Kerri and Hergen bring a level of expertise, intense passion, and caring to what they do. I am just glad to have been a part of it, and can't wait for the next trip to Komodo here I come!

Just finished touring the underwater world of Raja Ampat with Kerri Bingham and Hergen Spalink from Got Muck, and I must say it was a trip to be remembered! The people, the itinerary, the boat, the food, the diving,and the pre-planning were all top rate.

Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that my schedule is a bit crazy,so it is a wonderful thing when I can confidently leave planning in the hands of my expedition leaders. From arrival in country, to the moment that you are safely nestled on your homeward bound flight, attention to detail ensures smooth travels.

If you've done dive trips, or shoot underwater images, you know that the diving is what it's all about. Dive site selection can make or break a trip, and here is another area where Kerri and Hergen really shine. Their knowledge of the areas they dive, the network of real time resources that they can call upon, and maybe even some magical gut instincts lead to day after day of epic diving. Watching their route planning, and dive site selection, ensures you that every detail of your dive day has been carefully thought out. Each back roll into the water proved to be better than the last, with non-stop imaging opportunities on every dive.


I've been diving for over twenty years and have been on dozens of liveaboards. Diving with Kerri and Hergen at Got Muck is without a doubt the best and most enjoyable diving I've done. From picking dive sites that are not usually visited, to advice on photography and cameras, to assistance with gear problems, they show an attention to detail I haven't experienced elsewhere. I've already booked my next trip with them.


I've been on 4 trips with Kerri and Hergen and have another scheduled for next year. I would not even consider diving in Indonesia and the surrounding region without them. Not only are they thorough and incredibly helpful, but they are so knowledgeable about the area, the boats and dive sites that the trips are always fabulous.  The are the best!


What if you could travel with an entourage of enthusiastic friends, a photo pro for personal instruction, the best tour guides for arranging logistics, great critter spotters, oh, and someone to fix your camera and gear? That's Hergen and Kerri!


From the moment I clear customs, and sometimes even before, until the time I check in for my flight home, the only thing I have to think about on a trip with Kerri and Hergen is just how great the next dive is going to be. They are so organized and hospitable. It's a joy to be on one of their trips and has spoiled me for other dive travel.