Below is a list of additional services we offer and their associated fees

When on-board one of our charters we are more than happy to provide informal photo courses and we will also present lectures if there is sufficient interest.  As our trips are not generally workshops we don’t want to make non-photographers feel left out.  In addition we are quite willing to help you with minor fixes and setting up camera gear, however for more involved situations the rates below may apply.  To appropriately meet expectations and be fair to all our guests the following rates may be applied at our discretion:

  • Camera equipment service, repair, or customization* – $100/hr (min. 1 hour)
  • Equipment storage in Bali** – $7/bag/month
  • Private Guide – $150/day for 3 dives, extra dive $65 – max of 4 dives.***
  • Private photography instructional dives – $75/dive – max of 2 dives/day***
  • Private photography course – 3 1-hour private sessions and 2 dives – $200***
  • Lightroom or Photoshop Instruction – $75/hr (min 1 hour)
  • Cataloging & Editing Images – $100/hr (min 1 hr)


Dive Equipment:

As a valued client of ours you may receive a discount when purchasing dive equipment through Ocean Enterprises in San Diego, CA.  Please contact us to have us put you in touch with our purchaser.


Underwater Photo & Video Equipment:

We work closely with both Backscatter & Reef Photo, please feel free to consult with us before purchasing equipment as we can make sure you are really getting the right tool for the job.


* = repairs are not covered by any warranty and performed at the owners risk and may violate housing warranty or insurance coverage.

** = Equipment is stored at the owner’s risk.  we are not responsible for damage or theft.  One bag is either one bag, one complete set of diving equipment, or one camera housing case.

***=Does not include any operator or transportation costs, which must be covered as well by the client.