I have to say I have rather a bit of an open relationship with my camera as opposed to many other photographers that would rather be burned at the stake clutching their DSLR than having to take a photo of the family dog with an iPhone. In the last year I have had fleeting relationships with no less than 4 cameras.

I’ve had my hands on not one but two different sleek and dark Sonys, one of which was even a compact. Don’t tell my father, who still won’t admit to his friends that I was once a “Canon person”, that I even did one entire trip to Raja Ampat with a slender little GoPro.  To top it off I didn’t even have the common decency to shoot 4K.  Since I am currently in a steady relationship with an amazing full featured Nikon D810 I did spent most of my time making images with my main-squeeze, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my time with the other ones. I would even say that I was tempted to call it quits with my beloved Nikon and take my relationship with the A7RII to another level. What can I say, I want what I want and I’m not afraid to say it.

But enough of my lurid photography affairs. This post is called Year in Review* so lets walk down memory lane for a minute and see some of the wonderful times we all had together this past year with these cameras and our Got Muck guests!

Raja Ampat:

El Niño and the raging forest fires had us all on edge this year, threatening to turn the entierty of Indonesia into a boiling pot of pea soup. Well, good thing that didn’t happen! We were in Raja on at least seven of our trips this past year and without fail we had some killer dives.

Remember that GoPro I mentioned? Here ya go.

If Vimeo is blocked for you, here is a link to it on YouTube.


With five trips passing through Komodo this year we got to spend some quality time in one of the most diverse and ruggedly beautiful parts of Indonesia; it was a stellar year in the land of the dragons.


Alor = Strange Macro Critters. Enough said.

Lembeh Strait & Bali:

I know they’re nowhere even close to each other but they’re two great macro destinations and since this is my article, I’m putting them together.

Eastern Indonesia:

The Banda Sea, Ambon and points west were on the itinerary for this year and were one of the few times when El Niño reared its ugly head. But nature giveth and nature taketh away. She took our visibility for a good part of our trips but she gave us lots of hammerheads. Fair trade.

Well, I can only imagine what the next year will bring as we’re heading to places we’ve never been and going to back to places we love. I’ll probably have some more lurid camera affairs and may even consider doing a little more video on the side. I’ll stop now before I go too far. Thanks for looking at some photos and reminiscing with me!

* so it’s not really 2015, it’s the middle of January 2015 to almost the end of January 2016