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Why go on a group trip and other questions answered...

About Us

Who are we?  Well, in the metaphysical sense I have no idea but at this moment in space-time we are Kerri Bingham and Hergen Spalink.  Find our bios here.

Why Travel With Us

Why travel with us instead of booking direct? Group travel is not for everyone but we’ll tell you why so many people travel with us.

Our Photography

Helping our guests with their photography is our passion!  If you really want to understand underwater photography join us for some one-on-one instruction.

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2015 | Year In Review

I have to say I have rather a bit of an open relationship with my camera as opposed to many other photographers that would rather be burned at the stake clutching their DSLR than having to take a photo of the family dog with an iPhone. In the last year I have had fleeting relationships with no less than 4 cameras.

WetPixel Full Frame Feature

Our photos from the silverside and mobula ray aggregation in Raja Ampat, Indonesia were just featured in WetPixel’s full-frame!  Head over to take a look at this unique and fascinating event.  We’ll be back in the area this fall, join us today!